ACRE-Coin Investment “ACRE” ~ anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies should consult a fully qualified independent professional financial advisor. Although ACRE is not accepting Angel Investors, per se, for this brief and limited window of time an undisclosed hard-cap has been selected and ACRE is accepting cryptocurrency from Sophisticated Investors who are in wanting to invest prior to a public ICO to aid in the development of the token prior to the public ICO launch. If you want and choose to invest now into ACRE, you may do so through the cryptocurrency wallet addresses listed. Accordingly, your cryptocurrency will be translated into ACRE tokens equal to or greater than market value upon the launch at the public ICO. With that being said, once the hard cap is reached prior to the public ICO launch, ACRE will stop accepting deposits into the development account. Your investment into ACRE prior to the launch at the public ICO will help aid ACRE in expediting the process to realize a currency that will allow a more fluid use of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions, bringing in a new user-base by allowing more security in transactions, give access to unlimited scalability, keep transaction fees to a minimum, and develop an economy of function within itself.

Pre-ICO Support