To increase prosperity for all humankind through evangelizing the good news of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Evangelistically, we are an open-source education alliance comprised of technical and legal subject matter experts who are willing to do anything short of law-breaking to teach and educate humankind about the benefits of cryptocurrency. But in order to educate and teach people the things that no one is teaching, we must creatively do things that no one is doing.

Locally, CCL is a US non-profit entity established first to educate the U.S. citizenry and holistically all humankind. Accordingly, CCL will not discriminate in their open-source teachings for all humankind, even if such humans carry the often-loathed title of “elected-official” and “law maker” and “politician.”

Holistically, we are unabashed in our purpose to educate all humankind as well as openly influence law makers in accordance with all that is permissible within the confines and precepts delineated within the guidelines set forth for 501(c)(4) lobbying organizations.


Tokens are becoming demonized because of their dogmatic fight for anonymity: There is a large community that doesn’t care to be anonymous. Let’s make a token that appeals to both parties.

Lack of public education due to lack of deep understanding of the technology itself. Our job as SME Educators in cryptoC is to help make every aspect of the cryptoC incredibly digestible. CCL is in the process of creating and/or promoting various social media channels producing CryptoC educational articles, blogposts, videos to help all humankind become more familiar with CryptoC.